São Paulo in Hi-Fi

Directed and produced by Lufe Steffen


101 min / Color / Brazil / 2016


A historical documentary pursuing the golden age of Sao Paulo’s gay night life during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. With testimonials from people who lived through that times and rescuing classical nightclubs of the city, including unforgettable shows in those clubs. Bringing back to memory the stars, the heroes, and even the bad guys: military dictatorship and the AIDS epidemic.


Kaká di Polly
Elisa Mascaro
Miss Biá
Gretta Starr
João Silvério Trevisan
James Green
Celso Curi
Mario Mendes
Leão Lobo
Darby Daniel
Franco Reinaudo
Rita Moreira


Directed and Produced by Lufe Steffen

Executive Producer: Taís Nardi

Produced: Edu Lima

Cinematographer: Thaisa Oliveira

Sound: Tomás Franco / Guilherme Assis

Film Editor: José Motta / Lufe Steffen

Release and Reception

Comercial released in São Paulo in May 2016. In theather for twenty weeks, with screenings in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Porto Alegre and Belo Horizonte between the months of July and September 2016. 

5th best per theater average for Brazilian films in 2016. 

Currently licensed to Canal Brasil and Net NOW.


Best Documentary by Popular Jury in the 18th Queer Lisboa
National Cinema Prize at the 17ª Citizenship in Respect of Diversity
LGBT Culture Award in the 3rd Mix of Diversity Papers
City of São Paulo Award on Municipal Day to Combat Homophobia
Trophy Ida Feldman at the 21st Mix Brazil Festival

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