Director and scriptwriter: Eduardo Mattos

short-film/17 min/Family, Comedy, Action/2017

Every day is the same thing: Zeca's mother wakes him up, putting his shoes on. It is the reason  why he has never learned to tie them. All was well. Mainly because the most beautiful girl in school has a crush on him. But taking a big tumble in front of her was such a shame! Zeca needs to take a radical attitude.




Director: Ricky Mastro 

Scriptwriter: Ricky Mastro / Eduardo Mattos

short-film/13 min/Color/Brasil/2016

Nicolas notices that his eleven year old son Xavier spends his time not only playing drums, but also paying attention to a certain type of boys.



Director and scriptwriter: Leandro Tadashi

Short film / 14 min / Color / Brazil / 2015

Little Bruno's life is turned upside down when his "Bá" (from “Bāchan”, grandma in Japanese) is brought to live in his house.




Director and scriptwriter: Eduardo Mattos

Short film /23 min / Color / Brazil / 2012

Little Red Riding Hood now lives in Sao Paulo downtown, a forest filled with a delirious fauna.


São Paulo in Hi-Fi

Directed and produced by Lufe Steffen

Documentary / 101 minutos / color / Brasil / 2016

A historical documentary pursuing the golden age of Sao Paulo’s gay night life during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. With testimonials from people who lived through that times and rescuing classical nightclubs of the city, including unforgettable shows in those clubs. Bringing back to memory the stars, the heroes, and even the bad guys: military dictatorship and the AIDS epidemy.

cinema diversidade.jpg

Cinema Diversidade


Roteiro e Direção: Lufe Steffen

Série documental/10 ep/25 min/Cor/Brasil/2017

Um retrato sobre o trabalho de um grupo de cineastas brasileiros que decidiram se dedicar exclusivamente para a realização de filmes relacionados à temática LGBT. Por meio de entrevistas, depoimentos e trechos das obras de alguns diretores, um panorama da produção de cinema LGBT do país é formado.