Cinema Diversidade

Written and Directed by Lufe Steffen

Documentary series

10 episodes / 25 min / Color / Brazil / 2017


Through interviews, testimonials and movie clips, the show presents a panorama of the works of a group of Brazilian filmmakers that decided to exclusively develop projects around LGBTQ themes. 

Developed for Canal Prime Box Brazil, with funds from the Chamada Pública Prodav 02/2013. Aired in December 2017. Currently being rerun.


Written and Directed by Lufe Steffen

Executive Producer: Taís Nardi

Production Manager: Edu Lima

Cinematographer: Matheus Rocha

Editor: Renato Briano

Sound: Caio Bologna e Guilherme Chiappetta

Sound Design and Mixing: Confraria de sons & Charutos

Production Assistant: Marcos de Souza

Local Producer: Tiago Melo

Camera Assistant: Heloisa Batistela

Designer and Original Soundtrack: Fotonovela


01 – Historic Documentaries (07/12/2017)

The episode brings up recent documentary features that revive the memories and history of Brazilian LGBTQ culture in the last 50 years.


02 – Gay Youth (14/12/2017)
The focus of this episode is youth discovering sexuality, starting with the worldwide success The Way He Looks, by Daniel Ribeiro, which brings the story of a blind teenager who finds himself in love with his classmate. 


03 – Deconstructing Gender (21/12/2017)
Transsexuality (and its ramifications) is the theme of the episode, which brings films that have transgender people, drag queens, and cross-dressers as protagonists. 

04 – Feminine Universe (28/12/2017)
The world of female homosexuality, almost invisible in Brazilian filmography, is the theme of this episode: female directors, like Malu de Martino and Mônica Palazzo, and male directors, like Rafael Lessa and Ricky Mastro, discuss movies with lesbian protagonists. 

05 – Pernambuco’s Audacity (04/01/2018)
The episode focuses on the exciting LGBTQ film production in the capital of the Brazilian State of Pernambuco, led by the successful feature Tattoo, by Hilton Lacerda, and cultivated by the irreverent collective Surto & Deslumbramento. Three filmmakers from the collective discuss their works.  

06 – Fortaleza’s scene (11/01/2018)
The capital of the State of Ceará is this episode’s theme, with its film production with deeply tied to the theatre collective As Travestidas, whose works became a documentary, as well as comedic short films like the ones from the series Glossário. 

07 – Wonderful City! (18/01/2018)
Rio de Janeiro is eclectic when it comes to LGBTQ cinema. This episode reveals that Rio has filmmakers that navigate the comedy of manners on one end, while others aim to capture realism through documentaries. 

08 – Sensualizing: Eroticism and Desire (25/01/2018)
Films that dare to advance certain boundaries, blurring the lines between eroticism and pornography. This is the theme of the episode, bringing works from filmmakers like Marcelo Caetano and Gustave Vinagre, in films like Verona and Nova Dubai. 

09 – Trash, UFOs and the Bizarre (01/02/2018)
The episode focuses on directors that flirt directly or indirectly with the so-called trash cinema, popularized by the American filmmaker John Waters. 

10 – The Pioneers (08/02/2018)
Closing the series, the last episode pays homage to the pioneers of LGBTQ cinema in Brasil: directors who dared to bring up homosexual themes (in a serious and innovative way, avoiding stereotypes) in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, during the military dictatorship.

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