Written and Directed by Leandro Tadashi

14 min / Color / Brazil / 2015



Bruno, a 5-year-old Japanese-Brazilian boy, has his life turned upside down when his Japanese grandmother moves in to live with his family. He has to give up his bedroom as well as the backyard, his favorite territory in the house, where he used to play soccer every day. The yard is taken by the large collection of potted plants that the grandmother brings to the house with all her belongings. The little boy resents her presence in his house until she welcomes him into her world, teaching him how to take care of the plants. The arrival of the grandmother, however, disturbs the routine of everyone in the household and when the conflicts inside the family peak, the little boy realizes that his grandmother has invaded his heart.


Yuriko Miamoto Shimata

Henry Jun Kanashiro

Fábio Yoshihara

Lumi Kin

Letícia Aya


Written and Directed by Leandro Tadashi

Executive Producer: Taís Nardi

Associate Producer: Eduardo Mattos

Production Manager: Renan Lima

Cinematography: Taís Nardi

Production Design: Rafael Blas

Costume Design: Arieli Marcondes

Make-up: Bianca Chinaglia

Casting: Julia Medeiros

Assistant Director: Danilo Godoy

Script Supervisor: Daniela Carneiro

Editing: Lindsay Armstrong

Production Sound: Fernando Russo

Sound Design: Daniel Turini e Fernando Henna

Score: Christine Hals

Post-Production Supervisor: Renato Briano


Festival de Cinema de Gramado (Gramado, Brazil, 2015):

Melhor Filme de Curta-Metragem pelo Júri Popular

Festival Internacional de Cine de Viña del Mar (Viña del Mar, Chile, 2015):

Prêmio de Melhor Curta Internacional

Prêmio Paoa - Primeiro Lugar na Competição Internacional de Curtas


9° Festival Cinema com Farinha (Patos, PB, Brazil):

Melhor Direção de Arte

Melhor Ator (Henry Jun Kanashiro)

Melhor Atriz (Yuriko Miamoto Shimata)

Melhor Direção

Miragem - Festival de Cinema de Miracema:

Melhor Curta de Ficção

FESTin – Festival de Cinema Itinerante da Língua Portuguesa:

Melhor Filme de Curta-Metragem pelo Júri Popular

Cine Jardim - Festival de Cinema de Belo Jardim:

Vencedor da Mostra Competitiva de Curtas-Metragens Nacionais

Melhor Roteiro

14ª Mostra de Cinema Infantil

Melhor Ficção



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4. Festival Internacional de Cine de Viña del Mar (Viña del Mar, Chile,

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